Metro Vancouver introduces stricter air pollution regulations

Lucy Terry - 23 December 2011

A new by-law aimed at reducing the spread of diesel emissions in Vancouver will come into effect on January 1, 2012. The legislation is targeted at off-road machinery, and will require owners of older diesel-powered off-road machines to register each item.

The legislation, which was approved earlier this year, will apply to construction and industrial equipment such as forklifts and power generators. Owners will be required to pay an initial fee of CAN$4 per horsepower. Owners can reduce or eliminate the fee by reducing diesel soot emissions.

According to the Vancouver Sun, 41% of diesel emissions in the Metro Vancouver region are caused by non-road engines.

Metro Vancouver is responsible for monitoring air quality in the region, which includes conducting emission inventories and enforcing emission limits. It is a nonpartisan political body operating under provincial legislation, and is responsible for areas such as regional growth and air quality management. It encompasses 22 member municipalities.

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